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Blog Post #15

This is my video reflection for EDM 310.

Project #16

My group and I did a collaborative project provided below are the links:

Symbaloo wall

Glogster wall

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Final Report on PLN

When I think of  a PLN it has a different meaning because it involves so many different aspects of communication. Basically anyone you communicate with either personally or professionally is part of your PLN. Collaboration is a huge part of interaction on a professional level it has many advantages because sometimes you may need a little advice from peers and by Tweeting it is automatic info. Here is a link  to help explain why Twitter is useful. Your Personal Learning Network is always available so you can learn and teach new things every day. Why not use all the free technology out there to increase your productivity and performance it's FREE! In my PLN I have created a WallWisher which lets you post sticky notes all over a cork-board with things that interest you and other people can respond to what you like. You can use your PLN for professional development as well as locate resources for your classroom. Technology is ever changing and by using the outlets in your PLN you can integrate these resources into your classroom too. A Weebly is another great source for teachers to teach students how to create and communicate with a blog and guess what it is free. NING is another new tidbit of info I learned about that will help expand my PLN.
If you are still unsure about the pros of a PLN and are not sure how to begin Web 2.0 tools will help.

Summary for C4K #8,#9,#10,#11

boy holding a megaphone with the word blogs coming out the end
C4K #8 I was assigned to Alba Waffles Blog she had just created her blog at the time and was looking for suggestions to name a picture she had taken of the USS Alabama. My suggestion was one among many which were all very interesting but here is my suggestion I think you could call it Close Calls because it reminds me of something a pilot would see if he or she was flying sideways to close to a ship. It is a very interesting picture with a lot of different possible ideas for a name.

C4K #9 We are a class of 29 Year 6/7 students in the beautiful Adelaide Hills, South Australia. Our school is an International Baccalaureate school and we are part of the Middle Years Program Hello Bethany, My name is Malissa and I am a student at The University of South Alabama in the U.S. and my instructor Dr. Strange assigned your blog for me to comment on and I so glad he did because I read of your recent flight to Queensland and think it sounded like so much fun. As a matter of fact I just got back from a flight I took to Milwaukee, WI it is way north of me about 1,087 miles or so. It was not as nice as your getaway because it sounds like you really had an adventure going to all those different attractions and amusement parks. Where I went it was just plain cold in the 30's and I am not used to that. Well I hope you have more fabulous adventures in the future and remember to try and take pictures for your memories in the future. Have fun on your next adventure and stay safe and well.

 Mrs. Huebner's Class C4K #10 was to comment on another recent post done by a student and her name is Sydney and her post was about the snow that was heading to New Zealand. She seemed very excited about it. So my response was: Hello, I am a student at the University of South Alabama and I do not live where it snows. I used to live in Toledo, OH and it definitely snows there I like the snow but when it melts it gets messy, but when it is falling it is beautiful.

C4K #11 I was assigned to comment on a particular blog post and it happened to be a student named Bennett. His class was participating in a hands-on learning experiment that sounds memorable. Ms. Naugle's 5th grade class in New Orleans, LA Hello there Bennett, I am a student at the University of South Alabama in Mobile, Alabama. I bet your project helped you learn a little more about pumpkins since you were able to make predictions and then use the actual pumpkin to get your answers. I never knew a pumpkin had that many seeds. I think putting them into groups of 10 would have definitely helped me keep track of all those pumpkin seeds. I see you were able to take the seeds home and I was wondering if you planted them or baked any of them to eat?

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Summary Post C4T Teacher #4

Hello again, my name is Malissa and I am following your blog and commenting on different posts for my EDM 310 class at the University of South Alabama and I think the link about starting your own PLN step by step is great and it will help so many other people who may be unsure about what a PLN really is clear.

In this blog Joe Dale points out the importance of a Personal Learning Network or PLN for short. There is a lot of great advice about using different sources to expand your learning potential. Whether it is just connecting with other teachers from around the world or collaborating with your peers a PLN is a useful tool. Another point is using twitter to put suggestions out there and automatically get a response form other people who happen to be tweeting at the time.

Blog Post #14

pencil and a cartoon drawing of a pencil

This blog post was geared specifically for a students in Mr. Pierre's class her name is Yasmine and she has some very interesting topics posted on her blog. Specifically one concerning food allergies like the one she has to corn products so she has to be careful about what she eats. She makes a very valid point about health risks and the use of artificial sweeteners like high fructose corn syrup in so many products in the stores today. I believe she said 1 in 20 products are actually organic or safe for her to eat. She has enlisted the help of people reading her blog to find a way to present this topic to Mrs. Obama and help make products safer. This little girl has some great ideas.

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Project #6 Summary of Survey and Results


21 responses
Have you visited the new center?
pie charts and bar graphs
People may select more than one checkbox, so percentages may add up to more than 100%.
What kind of physical activity do you participate in?
Aerobic Activity
Muscle -Strengthening Activity
How many times a week do you participate in a fitness activity?
People may select more than one checkbox, so percentages may add up to more than 100%.
If your participation is lower than you would like it to be, what are the reasons?
Lack of Interest
Lack of Time
People may select more than one checkbox, so percentages may add up to more than 100%.
What priority does health have in your life?
Low proirity
High priority
1 -
Low priority
5 -
High priority
Where do you currently exercise?
Give reasons below as to why do or do not use the rec center.
I use the recreational center because I want to stay healthy.I do and I like it.too many people, don't wanna take a shower there I don't have enough time to go to the Rec Center.I do not use the rec center because I have a membership at Jason's Fitness and I am more familiar with the atmosphere there than at the rec center. Another reason I attend Jason's and not the rec center is because I work out with a friend at Jason's and she is not a student at South, so it is easier for us to go to Jason's.It's close to where I live, and it has a lot of fitness activities and workout machines you can use...
Do you think you should pay recreational fees in your tuition?
People may select more than one checkbox, so percentages may add up to more than 100%.
What other amenities would you like the USA rec center to offer?
wifi so that we can to homework while also relaxing by the pool/. Hmm, I'm not sure./private showers/None/Dance classes for beginners /Free Massages /ping-pong/ don't know we have everything!/not sure none/ shuffleboard
What is your age range?
People may select more than one checkbox, so percentages may add up to more than 100%.

  The final analysis done in Google docs shows that a large amount of students have not visited the new USA rec center and the majority 79% of students don't have time to exercise but when they do it is generally aerobic activity they participate in. Most of the people surveyed do not participate in a fitness activity more than one time a week due to lack of time but health still has a high priority in life for 62% of students. The students surveyed generally try to exercise at home and more than half feel that recreational fees should be part of tuition also the majority 81% of students filling out this survey are between the ages of 18-25 which is when incorporating a good fitness routine is key to keeping one as they get older.
What I learned from this survey is that good health matters to most people and the time frame to establish a good overall healthy attitude is to make time and adjust schedules slightly to modify the fitness goal one is trying to reach. I also learned that good health is something most people are blessed with so maintaining is should be a major concern. Although most of the results show health as a high priority in one's life no one practices maintaining it for lack of time.

Blog Post #13

    The Alabama Learning Exchange or ALEX for short is a very useful and informative tool for educators. You can find lesson plans, web resources related to the lesson plans and state requirements, as well as access to Google tools. Google tools includes tutorials on how to use important documents like Google Docs, Google Earth,  and Google Calender these can be used in various ways to help structure assignments and workloads.
    ACCESS is a distance learning site dedicated to introduce students in high schools to curriculum standards using today's technological tools this also gives students flexibility with their assignments and helps with student attendance in some cases. As a college student I have taken distance learning classes when there was a time conflict in my traditional classes and it is very useful for furthering one's education without having to actually travel for class.
    Both the ALEX and ACCESS sites have numerous amount of information for student and teachers alike although ALEX is more geared for professional educators and implementing learning tools that can be integrated into the classroom ACCESS is an equally important partner with updating our traditional classes and giving something students are able to work with in their daily schedules. I would definitely recommend either site to someone wanting to check into what advantages technology has in education.

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Blog Post #12

I think a good example for a blog assignment is to research different teaching styles and find one you may relate too. After you have find a website, blog or material you are interested in create a short description of the information and main points then include a link to that information for others to see. Make sure you post a comment and a link to your blog for them to check out your thinking style.
This is an very interesting video and it has an interesting outlook on education and teaching. We should involve students in learning and continue to learn from each other. We normally overlook the ability of students because of their age. We as educators need to look at all the options for learning styles. We can always learn something but are we giving everyone a chance to be heard? New posts are added regularly so learning is always evolving and demonstrating new opportunities to be amazed at we can do. There is actually another post to this blog I found to be interesting so check out The Myth of Forced Determination and Calvin and Hobbes

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Final Project Progress Report

I am putting ideas out there for collaboration with a partner so I am not 100% sure on what subject will be addressed.

Additional Assignment # 5 My response to Tom Johnson's adventures in Pencil Integration by John T. Spencer

 a computer with a pencil laying on it

I read the posts on John T. Spencer's blog related to the use of technologically engineered pencils and the use of these "pencils" in the classroom. Just because you use pencils in your classroom doesn't mean the students only pay attention so they can use these tools. Obviously the pencils are computers and students are interested in learning at their pace and without to many restrictions. They need to be given respect that reciprocates and time to be creative to learn new things.  Sometimes other people may just think just because computers are present in the classroom it will keep the students quiet and seated. That is not what you really want in a classroom students not using their abilities you want them to talk and ask questions so they are involved with what is going on.

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Project #14

                                              Teach Someone Something

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Summary Post C4K 3-7

drawing done by a child of a man flying through the air while blogging with a bubble above his head which say who is as smart as a cookie?

The next school blog I visited was located in Auckland, NZ and they have some wonderful movies they made complete with sound and pictures. They could probably teach me a thing or two with the movie trailer I am going to do.
The fourth school was also in NZ and their blogs were fairly new but the student I commented was particularly interested in dirt bikes and racing them which is a bit dangerous sometimes but having a hobby keeps you focused.
The fifth comment was for the same school in NZ but for a different student. This class was watching the movie Cars and using some of the lessons in the movie for life skills.
My sixth comment was for a student in Mr. Goerend and Mrs Quam's in Iowa. They were writing original stories and posting them on their blog. I really enjoyed reading the story for my selected student it was interesting and creative but it is still to be continued for now.
My last comment was for a student celebrating Red Ribbon Week at school and he choose to make healthy decisions and not do drugs in his life which I told him I thought is a great idea.
Each and every one of the classes who participate in learning about how to blog and find information they need with technology are actually getting a head start on life lessons. They learn how to stay safe when using the internet and good communication skills for the future.

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Summary for C4T #3

       Jenny Luca is the third teacher I was assigned to comment on. She is very informative on new topics and I enjoyed her post and link to Sir Ken Robinson’s animated point of view. I fully agree with the ridiculous concept of ADHD of course I am also not qualified to make that decision but I have a 9 year old who is bored out of his mind when he goes to school and sit there for hours in one spot. I am glad Mrs. Luca posted this video it proves that I am not crazy for not going with the flow of things and making my child a zombie so he will learn how to score better on tests and the fact that she is sharing this video maybe it will make people think outside the box.

characterized picture of the different communication outlets illustrated on a map in 2007

cartoon drawing of a map and the new facebook communication borders

This is an interesting summary put into pictures of what we use in terms of social networking. I think the change in what communication outlet we use will continue to evolve as long as there are new services that grab our attention so far Facebook has knocked MySpace literally off the map. As Mrs. Luca mentioned I think this could be used in the classroom to show students how it represents the change in communication over a short period of time.
Mrs. Luca is an effective teacher who is bringing new objectives into the lime light to be addressed and noticed. She also posted an interesting picture on her her blog relating to the way we have changed our social network providers in the last few years.

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Blog Post #11


Mrs. Cassidy is an excellent example of an innovative teacher using technology in her classroom. She teaches her students life skills that will definitely use in the future especially learning to share by using the Nintendo DS in the classroom. I thought the use of the DS was very interesting because children are always wanting to play video games and this way they are learning too. She also produced a short movie which involved her students knowledge of a Wiki and keeping their own blogs. They also learned important factors about safety on the internet. She also implemented the use of SKYPE in her classroom which is a good way to see what other classes in the area or around the world are doing. Mrs. Cassidy is doing an excellent job in promoting how we can use different technology in the classroom and still be within the curriculum standards we must follow.

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Additional Assignment #3

Changing Educational Paradigms by Sir Ken Robinson
I do think Sir Ken Robinson has hit the nail on the head. We are so quick to diagnose a child with ADHD just because they are bored out of their mind and tired of sitting in one place all day. I realize we students are taught different subjects but never really looked at it the way Sir Ken Robinson portrayed it which makes good sense. We are not sure which direction to send our children in as far as the future of the economy waivers back and forth so let's just bore them to death and not teach them any useful life skills. I also know that children mature at different levels just because a child is physically twelve does not mean he is academically on the same page as all twelve year olds around the world there are too many factors that play into that equation. I am honestly finding a hard disagreeing with Sir Ken Robinson. His thoughts are very to conducive to our way of teaching and given the chance some educators want to change how their students learn but for the most part why deal with it when we can give them medicine and make them zombies. If I were going to be involved with a production such as the one Sir Ken Robinson made I would like to narrate because I can be a very animated reader but still keep focus on the project. I would say I am very auditory.

Project #11

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Blog Post # 10

Looking for a change become a leader
       My attitude about education is somewhat close to Morgan Bayda's but there are some differences concerning the larger universities. I've always had small classes in which I am encouraged to ask questions about the topic of study. The very familiar experience again is the book you are required to purchase for class. Morgan Bayda mentioned she agrees with Dan Brown's ideas about school and education even though she would not have followed the same path. The reason behind staying in school regardless whether we are or are not learning anything is for one reason. That reason is a diploma a piece of paper stating you have completed your education and taken the required classes needed to graduate. We all do this with hopes of finding a job in our field of specialty I agree  information is  "free" but a diploma is not. Even though sitting through long lecture classes can be a grueling experience until something is done nothing will change. So what do we as students need to do to change that? If everyone despises learning this way let's take steps towards finding out how to fix the problem.

      Don't Let Them Take the Pencils Home was an interesting post on Ton Johnson's blog. The use of pencils at home lowers test scores is a silly idealism. I really admire Mr. Johnson's decision to teach his students the way they respond to learning regardless of whether they use a pencil, crayon, or finger paint the idea is to help students learn and achieve that no matter what. The school's are so focused on test scores that is all they see. I understand that most of the funding a school receives depends on what level they test on but it should not be that way. It is ridiculous because they are not learning they are memorizing answers so what does that prove they have a good memory. Let's ask the same students who studied for a state test to take the same test three weeks later will they pass? Probably not because they never learned anything they temporarily retained it. I believe Mr. Johnson has the right idea so why nag him about silly stuff when his students are learning regardless of  whether or not his students are bringing pencils home he is making a difference by not just going with the flow because of standardized test scores. Good for him I hope he continues helping his students LEARN.

"I am a positive role model in my families life, I always find a positive to any situation  and as I become a more influential person  I teach and encourage everyone to do the same from this day forward"

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Blog Post #9


Teacher and student at a desk looking at a computer

  After reading "What I've Learned This Year" by Mr. McClung. I realize that getting nervous about lessons and how you present them are not effective methods of learning if you expect everything to just fall into place and work out beautifully. As a first year teacher Mr. McClung gives some useful advice and helpful hints to help with just starting out in the classroom. We do have expectations of our students as we should;  we want the best for them but don't make them feel the goals you have given them are unattainable. Teaching is an interesting field but very worrisome also because you may constantly focus on getting the right lesson plan and it does not work for your students.
       If you have ever been able to see any of Mr. Henry Wong's material then you know you do not want to be stuck in survival mode where your main goal is to just make it through the day and not care if your students actually learn anything. Unfortunately some teachers do get stuck in that rut but not Mr. McClung  he was very aware of his abilities to apply different techniques to learning and going with the flow. He also knows how to communicate like he mentioned just listen to your students and they will reciprocate the respect. I am pleased to see a first year teacher catch on so quickly and pass his help along to others.
       It is very inspiring to see a new teacher grasp the concept of individuality in teaching his class. His ability to adapt is what we all need to work on with diffeent scenarios simply because life is not a set blueprint we are able to change our attitude and environment at any time which is what I will do.\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\

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Blog Post #8

        After watching Richard Miller's This is How We Dream Parts 1 & 2 I am truly astonished that he has never utilized a library for his work. Let's go back a few years when laptops were not cheap to come by and obviously you could not lug around a desktop computer it was just not done. The information that is out there is unbelievable it is definitely up to the individual to obtain it. The world has definitely progressed in technology since the beginning of time and it will continue that way. I honestly have no idea what lies ahead in the future but from the capabilities I have seen it will be an interesting journey.     As far as libraries are concerned they are historical archives to generations of great authors the ability to research projects has changed with all the new internet capabilities and people expect to get their information faster and faster but to actually sit down with a good book is a good feeling. I know different versions of Kindle are available but it is different. I am not afraid of technology just concerned about societies need for speed.     I do agree with Miller that if we do not learn anything it is definitely our own doing, we are ultimately able to seek out any information about anyone or anything we want with the click of a button. We need to use the tools we are given to improve our teaching styles and skills.                                                                                            

                                           EDM 310 Short Movies   
         These are two movies that definitely portray the way we fell sometimes in The Chipper Series procrastinating and being overwhelmed go hand in hand when you feel like you are not accomplishing your goals they start to slip further and further away so to push forward and not give up is the best option. EDM 310 for Dummies was helpful when directing you to sites that will help you with all of the instructions but I think where I am able to get help is from the lab assistants. We have all been to that stressful point when we want to pull our hair out so the short movies did help me feel like I wasn't the only one. If I were to produce a video it would consist of different ways to work with children who have attention problems and show sometimes there are alternatives to medications.     

                                       Critiquing Smartboards
       In these two outlet of information you are able to draw your own conclusions about the pros and cons of an interactive teaching tool. Yes, they are expensive and I never really considered all the negative aspects of a Smartboard because when a classroom is unable to have multiple computers the Smartboard complements the lessons by using interactive websites.

Timetoast Instructional Timeline

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Madison Group Podcast


Project # 10 Progress Report

I really liked the Symbaloo design for starting my PLN it is colorful and everything is right at your fingertips. It is more convenient than opening window after window to find something you are looking for. My PLN is still in the beginning stage but I am having fun looking for new items to add. I know there are other ways to create your own personal PLN but this is a little more colorful and creative.

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Blog Post # 7

This is a very admirable individual he is truly a GREAT teacher. He puts himself out there and accomplishes his goals due to his illness he wants to leave a mark on society. His thoughts on children and dreaming are honest. We all dream but when we are younger it seems more acceptable we should always keep that in mind it fuels our goals for the future. As students of all ages we sometimes feel as if we have just hit a brick wall and can't go any further but once we get past that we have overcome adversity Dr. Pausch is very adamant about pushing forward. He also makes reference to when people give you a hard time they are wanting you to perform at your best they're not just being mean or cruel they are your motivation.
He believes that hard work is worth something so keep moving forward and proving yourself it will make you a more valuable person. Complaining about something has never proven to get a task done just do what you need to to get through it. The fact that someone is telling you to set goals and strive to reach them is not that impressive but, Dr. Pausch is not just telling you to keep your dreams in mind he followed through and accomplished his dreams by joining the NFL.
We all make mistakes it is how we overcome and react to each situation that is important. We are not taught to dream it just comes naturally. We need to overlook our age sometimes because we get so involved in being a grownup we lose sit of our original drams.
We can all learn a lesson from Dr. Pausch which is what he hopes we will do. He gives a very honest lecture and it really makes you look at your life and think whether or not you still have dreams you can make a reality. I really enjoyed his lecture because there is no bias he just believes everyone is capable of some good.

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Summary Post C4T #2

I really enjoyed Jason T Bedell's blog posts. They were very informative and explained the use of PLN's in today's teacher development tools. He was very in depth and explained how to use each of the tools we have today to the best of our abilities at presenting ourselves as professionals. It is important to always remember what you say or post because it could ultimately come back to haunt you. I am very impressed with Mr. Bedell's use of his blog to point people in the right direction for Professional Development.
I think being an innovative teacher is where the future of education is all about. I really enjoyed your Professional Development 2.0 it was really heplful for a future educator. I foun it to be very resourceful and told other classmates about your blog and how it helps identify what your goals and perspectives for teaching are. Thanks for your thoughts and reflections on PLN’s.

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Summary Post for C4K 1 and 2

I was assigned a student's blog in Mr. Chamberlain's class to follow and comment on their progress. They set up a blog and made a Learning Manifesto and About Me post on which I was to comment on. My student stated he wanted to pay more attention in class so he could be a boss of a big company and not work in the local plant in town. I admire his goals and realized we all have goals we just lose sight of them sometimes.


The Networked Student proves a very important point that as students are given the opportunity to learn without lecture they respond better to the material. They may feel they are responsible for learning the techniques for use in the networked classroom. Also when they learn to apply the things they have learned it may help them feel a sense of accomplishment.
They will learn through trial and error. When students are at a point where they need help the teacher is there to guide them through the process. A 7th Grader's Personal Learning Environment (or PLN) is really a student who does interactive work on her computer with classroom assignments and seems to enjoy the freedom of expression to display her work. The difference in this students PLE and my PLN is the setup and types of research she is doing other than that they both have similar learning objectives and the freedom of displaying your work with respect to others of course. I think it is important to have a plan when you start working on something as well as so many networking options to choose from.

The Machine is Changing Us by Michael Wesch keeps you interested with his presentation by using different references and YouTube videos to spark your interest and make relevant points about how the use of the word "whatever" has taken on different meanings through the years and hopefully one day we will not just think whatever in terms of our society instead how can we fix it. It is true the term whatever is even very prevalent in my vocabulary especially when I am frustrated about something. I also grew up in the MTV generation and sometimes I am self absorbed but as Mr. Wesch stated we are a self-absorbed, narcissistic, generation with short attention spans. The generation of today is considered to have a very short attention span due to video games. I do think that is wrong again we will need to use our resources and build on this supposed short attention disorder we have developed through the years. It will help teachers of the future to use these same short videos to help students discover the many available options of research and learning available to learn through hands on activities.