Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Additional Assignment #1

     The educational implications will be amazing for a student doing a report. I remember my first report we did not have use of computers for learning because they were too expensive. When you use Google Squared you put in a basic topic and then you are given multiple options to use for instance I used surgery it listed different types of surgery, cost of a procedure, and links for more information on each one if desired.
     On the other hand WolframAlpha deals with statistics for example I used my name it let me know when it was most popular, the number of people who share the same name, and the average age of people with this name.
    I was totally in the dark about this option with Google Squared and WolframAlpha I think it will definitely be useful in the classroom. A teacher is able to show different examples on a broad topic. I think these are both great new tools I will enjoy using from now on.
   The comments on the statistics you mentioned after applying them with the use of Google Squared helped put the numbers into a different perspective. We really need to increase our technological knowledge that is a must for the future. The statistics also show that the population for the other countries is significantly higher so they will ultimately be ahead of us unless people start producing larger families. Opposite end of the spectrum the U.S. is larger in population than that of Pitcairn Islands therefore easier for us to show use of technology quicker.

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