Wednesday, September 15, 2010

C4T #1 Summarry

     I recently read a post by Kelly Hines explaining the use of technology with the analogy of locals and tourists. She uses these very well when comparing newcomers to technology like tourists visiting a beach or area unknown to them. They are in awe of its beauty and greatness and would like to be able to visit everyday if they could but some are still scared of the power the water holds so they never get in or try to understand its abilities. The locals or computer savvy people are very familiar with the area and take care of it well sometimes commenting on how the tourists don't really get it. This is how some people view technology some are totally afraid of even using any technology, some are intrigued with the technology and want to learn, and some are completely capable of using and learning new things about technology.
     I believe the ideas she described about how our ideas of the living in the age of the digital world compared to the newcomers are interesting.It is definitely true that technology has evolved and a new perspective on whether you are technologically advanced is important for today’s business entrepreneurs as well as children using computers in the classroom. It is hard to believe that some of the older generation are completely withdrawn and refuse to use the web for fear of not understanding how it works.

        The next post has to do with reflection on our thoughts and actions throughout our day or life for that matter. It is important to assess what is done and move forward with things. Learn from our mistakes and continue to progress in a positive way. When things do not go as planned gather more information and adjust. The lack of posts to her blog made her wonder "If a tree falls in the woods and no one is there to hear it, does it really make a sound?"
I want to comment a about the tree falling in the forest. Even though we do not hear it happen it still leaves an impact on everything around it. Just like teachers, we leave a lasting impression on our students every day. The use of your blog helps you reflect because we go through our actions in our mind over and over again. We wonder if we could have done it better. Yes,I feel we do need reflection in our lives on a daily basis.
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