Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Blog Post #11


Mrs. Cassidy is an excellent example of an innovative teacher using technology in her classroom. She teaches her students life skills that will definitely use in the future especially learning to share by using the Nintendo DS in the classroom. I thought the use of the DS was very interesting because children are always wanting to play video games and this way they are learning too. She also produced a short movie which involved her students knowledge of a Wiki and keeping their own blogs. They also learned important factors about safety on the internet. She also implemented the use of SKYPE in her classroom which is a good way to see what other classes in the area or around the world are doing. Mrs. Cassidy is doing an excellent job in promoting how we can use different technology in the classroom and still be within the curriculum standards we must follow.


  1. So can we say the same about you in 3 years?

  2. Malissa,

    I think that you made some great observations of the great and technological forward thinking that Ms. Cassidy showed in her video and discussed with Dr. Strange in their SKYPE video call. These are defiantly some fun an innovative things we can use in our future classrooms and I know we will use all of the things we learn in EDM 310 to help our students achieve all of their dreams.