Friday, November 5, 2010

Summary Post C4K 3-7

drawing done by a child of a man flying through the air while blogging with a bubble above his head which say who is as smart as a cookie?

The next school blog I visited was located in Auckland, NZ and they have some wonderful movies they made complete with sound and pictures. They could probably teach me a thing or two with the movie trailer I am going to do.
The fourth school was also in NZ and their blogs were fairly new but the student I commented was particularly interested in dirt bikes and racing them which is a bit dangerous sometimes but having a hobby keeps you focused.
The fifth comment was for the same school in NZ but for a different student. This class was watching the movie Cars and using some of the lessons in the movie for life skills.
My sixth comment was for a student in Mr. Goerend and Mrs Quam's in Iowa. They were writing original stories and posting them on their blog. I really enjoyed reading the story for my selected student it was interesting and creative but it is still to be continued for now.
My last comment was for a student celebrating Red Ribbon Week at school and he choose to make healthy decisions and not do drugs in his life which I told him I thought is a great idea.
Each and every one of the classes who participate in learning about how to blog and find information they need with technology are actually getting a head start on life lessons. They learn how to stay safe when using the internet and good communication skills for the future.

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