Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Additional Assignment # 5 My response to Tom Johnson's adventures in Pencil Integration by John T. Spencer

 a computer with a pencil laying on it

I read the posts on John T. Spencer's blog related to the use of technologically engineered pencils and the use of these "pencils" in the classroom. Just because you use pencils in your classroom doesn't mean the students only pay attention so they can use these tools. Obviously the pencils are computers and students are interested in learning at their pace and without to many restrictions. They need to be given respect that reciprocates and time to be creative to learn new things.  Sometimes other people may just think just because computers are present in the classroom it will keep the students quiet and seated. That is not what you really want in a classroom students not using their abilities you want them to talk and ask questions so they are involved with what is going on.

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