Saturday, November 20, 2010

Blog Post #13

    The Alabama Learning Exchange or ALEX for short is a very useful and informative tool for educators. You can find lesson plans, web resources related to the lesson plans and state requirements, as well as access to Google tools. Google tools includes tutorials on how to use important documents like Google Docs, Google Earth,  and Google Calender these can be used in various ways to help structure assignments and workloads.
    ACCESS is a distance learning site dedicated to introduce students in high schools to curriculum standards using today's technological tools this also gives students flexibility with their assignments and helps with student attendance in some cases. As a college student I have taken distance learning classes when there was a time conflict in my traditional classes and it is very useful for furthering one's education without having to actually travel for class.
    Both the ALEX and ACCESS sites have numerous amount of information for student and teachers alike although ALEX is more geared for professional educators and implementing learning tools that can be integrated into the classroom ACCESS is an equally important partner with updating our traditional classes and giving something students are able to work with in their daily schedules. I would definitely recommend either site to someone wanting to check into what advantages technology has in education.

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