Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Additional Assignment #3

Changing Educational Paradigms by Sir Ken Robinson
I do think Sir Ken Robinson has hit the nail on the head. We are so quick to diagnose a child with ADHD just because they are bored out of their mind and tired of sitting in one place all day. I realize we students are taught different subjects but never really looked at it the way Sir Ken Robinson portrayed it which makes good sense. We are not sure which direction to send our children in as far as the future of the economy waivers back and forth so let's just bore them to death and not teach them any useful life skills. I also know that children mature at different levels just because a child is physically twelve does not mean he is academically on the same page as all twelve year olds around the world there are too many factors that play into that equation. I am honestly finding a hard disagreeing with Sir Ken Robinson. His thoughts are very to conducive to our way of teaching and given the chance some educators want to change how their students learn but for the most part why deal with it when we can give them medicine and make them zombies. If I were going to be involved with a production such as the one Sir Ken Robinson made I would like to narrate because I can be a very animated reader but still keep focus on the project. I would say I am very auditory.

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