Friday, October 22, 2010

Blog Post # 10

Looking for a change become a leader
       My attitude about education is somewhat close to Morgan Bayda's but there are some differences concerning the larger universities. I've always had small classes in which I am encouraged to ask questions about the topic of study. The very familiar experience again is the book you are required to purchase for class. Morgan Bayda mentioned she agrees with Dan Brown's ideas about school and education even though she would not have followed the same path. The reason behind staying in school regardless whether we are or are not learning anything is for one reason. That reason is a diploma a piece of paper stating you have completed your education and taken the required classes needed to graduate. We all do this with hopes of finding a job in our field of specialty I agree  information is  "free" but a diploma is not. Even though sitting through long lecture classes can be a grueling experience until something is done nothing will change. So what do we as students need to do to change that? If everyone despises learning this way let's take steps towards finding out how to fix the problem.

      Don't Let Them Take the Pencils Home was an interesting post on Ton Johnson's blog. The use of pencils at home lowers test scores is a silly idealism. I really admire Mr. Johnson's decision to teach his students the way they respond to learning regardless of whether they use a pencil, crayon, or finger paint the idea is to help students learn and achieve that no matter what. The school's are so focused on test scores that is all they see. I understand that most of the funding a school receives depends on what level they test on but it should not be that way. It is ridiculous because they are not learning they are memorizing answers so what does that prove they have a good memory. Let's ask the same students who studied for a state test to take the same test three weeks later will they pass? Probably not because they never learned anything they temporarily retained it. I believe Mr. Johnson has the right idea so why nag him about silly stuff when his students are learning regardless of  whether or not his students are bringing pencils home he is making a difference by not just going with the flow because of standardized test scores. Good for him I hope he continues helping his students LEARN.

"I am a positive role model in my families life, I always find a positive to any situation  and as I become a more influential person  I teach and encourage everyone to do the same from this day forward"


  1. Hi Malissa! I really enjoyed reading this post! I completely agree with you about testing in schools. It is a pet peeve of mine that testing is all schools focus on. I don't think they really go further than getting them to pass. It's true...most students temporarily retain info and then forget it as soon as the tests are over. Great job on your blog! It looks wonderful!

  2. Excellent post Melissa!

    The way we change education is to stay involved. I think it is important for us as teachers and students to realize that we are all a part of a major transition period in education and we must take the good with the bad. Something as big as education can not change overnight but it can, and is in the process of changing. EDM 310 is a great example. This is only the third semester that this format has been attempted and it is getting better all the time. Just a little over two years ago I started with EDM 310 and it was very much still a traditional course. We have come a long way. So, taking a, “The glass is half-full,” position, I would say that this is a great time to be an educator as we are on the verge of an educational revolution the likes of which has never been seen before. I for one am delighted. SS