Monday, October 11, 2010

Blog Post # 7

This is a very admirable individual he is truly a GREAT teacher. He puts himself out there and accomplishes his goals due to his illness he wants to leave a mark on society. His thoughts on children and dreaming are honest. We all dream but when we are younger it seems more acceptable we should always keep that in mind it fuels our goals for the future. As students of all ages we sometimes feel as if we have just hit a brick wall and can't go any further but once we get past that we have overcome adversity Dr. Pausch is very adamant about pushing forward. He also makes reference to when people give you a hard time they are wanting you to perform at your best they're not just being mean or cruel they are your motivation.
He believes that hard work is worth something so keep moving forward and proving yourself it will make you a more valuable person. Complaining about something has never proven to get a task done just do what you need to to get through it. The fact that someone is telling you to set goals and strive to reach them is not that impressive but, Dr. Pausch is not just telling you to keep your dreams in mind he followed through and accomplished his dreams by joining the NFL.
We all make mistakes it is how we overcome and react to each situation that is important. We are not taught to dream it just comes naturally. We need to overlook our age sometimes because we get so involved in being a grownup we lose sit of our original drams.
We can all learn a lesson from Dr. Pausch which is what he hopes we will do. He gives a very honest lecture and it really makes you look at your life and think whether or not you still have dreams you can make a reality. I really enjoyed his lecture because there is no bias he just believes everyone is capable of some good.

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  1. I enjoyed reading your post. I agree with you that Dr. Pausch is a very admirable person and a great teacher. I think his lecture could really change a lot of peoples life's.