Sunday, October 10, 2010

Summary Post C4T #2

I really enjoyed Jason T Bedell's blog posts. They were very informative and explained the use of PLN's in today's teacher development tools. He was very in depth and explained how to use each of the tools we have today to the best of our abilities at presenting ourselves as professionals. It is important to always remember what you say or post because it could ultimately come back to haunt you. I am very impressed with Mr. Bedell's use of his blog to point people in the right direction for Professional Development.
I think being an innovative teacher is where the future of education is all about. I really enjoyed your Professional Development 2.0 it was really heplful for a future educator. I foun it to be very resourceful and told other classmates about your blog and how it helps identify what your goals and perspectives for teaching are. Thanks for your thoughts and reflections on PLN’s.

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