Saturday, October 2, 2010


The Networked Student proves a very important point that as students are given the opportunity to learn without lecture they respond better to the material. They may feel they are responsible for learning the techniques for use in the networked classroom. Also when they learn to apply the things they have learned it may help them feel a sense of accomplishment.
They will learn through trial and error. When students are at a point where they need help the teacher is there to guide them through the process. A 7th Grader's Personal Learning Environment (or PLN) is really a student who does interactive work on her computer with classroom assignments and seems to enjoy the freedom of expression to display her work. The difference in this students PLE and my PLN is the setup and types of research she is doing other than that they both have similar learning objectives and the freedom of displaying your work with respect to others of course. I think it is important to have a plan when you start working on something as well as so many networking options to choose from.

The Machine is Changing Us by Michael Wesch keeps you interested with his presentation by using different references and YouTube videos to spark your interest and make relevant points about how the use of the word "whatever" has taken on different meanings through the years and hopefully one day we will not just think whatever in terms of our society instead how can we fix it. It is true the term whatever is even very prevalent in my vocabulary especially when I am frustrated about something. I also grew up in the MTV generation and sometimes I am self absorbed but as Mr. Wesch stated we are a self-absorbed, narcissistic, generation with short attention spans. The generation of today is considered to have a very short attention span due to video games. I do think that is wrong again we will need to use our resources and build on this supposed short attention disorder we have developed through the years. It will help teachers of the future to use these same short videos to help students discover the many available options of research and learning available to learn through hands on activities.


  1. Your blog, while different from mine, is written and summarizes the topics well!

    What did you think of using the leopard gecko as a motivational tool?

  2. Malissa,

    You make a great point about learning in general ... I think it is important to have a plan when you start working on something. Dr. Strange had a plan when he decided to change EDM 310 and he made it happen with extraordinary results. The same should be true for all of us when educating others. As a future educator, you should always have a plan to better the educational process.