Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Blog Post #8

        After watching Richard Miller's This is How We Dream Parts 1 & 2 I am truly astonished that he has never utilized a library for his work. Let's go back a few years when laptops were not cheap to come by and obviously you could not lug around a desktop computer it was just not done. The information that is out there is unbelievable it is definitely up to the individual to obtain it. The world has definitely progressed in technology since the beginning of time and it will continue that way. I honestly have no idea what lies ahead in the future but from the capabilities I have seen it will be an interesting journey.     As far as libraries are concerned they are historical archives to generations of great authors the ability to research projects has changed with all the new internet capabilities and people expect to get their information faster and faster but to actually sit down with a good book is a good feeling. I know different versions of Kindle are available but it is different. I am not afraid of technology just concerned about societies need for speed.     I do agree with Miller that if we do not learn anything it is definitely our own doing, we are ultimately able to seek out any information about anyone or anything we want with the click of a button. We need to use the tools we are given to improve our teaching styles and skills.                                                                                            

                                           EDM 310 Short Movies   
         These are two movies that definitely portray the way we fell sometimes in The Chipper Series procrastinating and being overwhelmed go hand in hand when you feel like you are not accomplishing your goals they start to slip further and further away so to push forward and not give up is the best option. EDM 310 for Dummies was helpful when directing you to sites that will help you with all of the instructions but I think where I am able to get help is from the lab assistants. We have all been to that stressful point when we want to pull our hair out so the short movies did help me feel like I wasn't the only one. If I were to produce a video it would consist of different ways to work with children who have attention problems and show sometimes there are alternatives to medications.     

                                       Critiquing Smartboards
       In these two outlet of information you are able to draw your own conclusions about the pros and cons of an interactive teaching tool. Yes, they are expensive and I never really considered all the negative aspects of a Smartboard because when a classroom is unable to have multiple computers the Smartboard complements the lessons by using interactive websites.

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  1. Great post! I agree that technology is growing so much and there is an endless amount of information at our fingertips. I don’t know about you but I don’t have all day and endless time to go sit at a library so for people that do not have lots of time to go to the library the internet and books are online its awesome! I loved the two student made videos, I could really relate to them. When I first started this class I really thought I was going to have to be put on medication before the end but I have learned so much and I really like it now! I think the Smartboards are wonderful! The children really like them it gets them involved in so many different ways that a teacher could just not draw on the board; they even play educational games on them.